Flora and fauna

There is a very wide range of plant and animal species in the district. 

Amongst plants, the species which are most abundant in the district are Kau (Olea cuspidata), Phulai(Acacia  modesta), Sanatha (Dodones viscosa), Gurgura (Monotheca buxifolia), and Pataki (Gymnospo Riaroyleana).

The general vegetation consists of dry deciduous scrub.  The grass species which are dominant in the area are Sariala (Heteropogan contortus), Khawi (Cymbopogan jwarancusa), Mesquite (Prosopis juilfloro), and Karir (Capparis sphylla). All these plant species are found throughout the district.

The species which exist in various areas of Chakwal district are:

  1. Grey partridge– found all over the district, especially in areas, which are sparsely populated.

  2. Black partridge– found along the seasonal channels and water holes in the bellas through out the district.

  3. Chakore– found in  dry rocky areas in the district especially in the Choa Saidan Shah area.

  4. See See partridge  found at a number places in the district in the dry rocky area especially in the Kallar Kahar mountain belt leading into subdivision Talaga

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  1. samman said,

    need more esp. about choa saidanshah

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