The forests which exist naturally, since Chakwal lies in the subtropical, semiarid zone, are dry deciduous scrub, consisting of the plant varieties which are typical of these kinds of forests- keeker, kau, phulai, sanatha, wild beri, gurgura and potaki.  The underbush mainly consists of  saryala, khawi, mesquite and karir. In the plantations that have been carried out by the Forest Department and private farmers, apart from the naturally occurring species of trees, the sheesham, sufaida and to some extent the poplar trees have also been planted. 

At present a total of 92382 acres of the district are under reserve forest and 57868 acres are under unclassed forest.  The main reserve and unclassed forests in the district are at Diljabbah, Surullah, Drangan, Karangal, Gandala, Dalwal, Makhiala, Dandot, Chinji, Kot Kala, Simbli, Nurpur, Bagga, Sammarqand and Thirchak.

Forests in Chakwal district are taken care of by the Chakwal Forest Division, headed by the Divisional Forest Officer who is assisted by four Sub-divisional Forest Officers.  The Chakwal Forest Division is spread over an area of 150250 acres which includes 375 KM roadside and 40 KM rail side plantations. 


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