The rich hilly prairies and grazing lands of Chakwal provide a very good environment for sheep and cattle rearing.  The majority of the farmers maintain their own sheep and goat herds and cattle. 

           The bulk of the Livestock in the district is consequently being reared in the informal sector based on traditional methods. However, a number of poultry and cattle farms have been established in the private sector, which utilize modern technology of breeding and rearing and are commercially oriented. 

           The following list shows the number of farms of various birds and animals which operate in the district:-

Broiler poultry farms              


Layer poultry farms                  


Breeder poultry farms               


Poultry hatcheries                       


Livestock dairy farms                


           To facilitate animal husbandry, 12 veterinary hospitals and 26 veterinary dispensaries have been established in the district by the Department of Livestock and Dairy Development. 


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  1. umar said,

    goat farming in chakwal

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