Rain Fall

Chakwal lies within the monsoon range, and apart from occasional rainfall, there are two rainy seasons: the first, caused by the monsoon winds originating from the Bay of Bengal,  begins from 15th of July and continues upto around the 15th of September; the second, caused by Mediterranean winds lies in the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of January. The average rainfall is 22 to 25 inches. Choa Saidan Shah subdivision has the maximum rainfall in the district.


MONTHS 1999 2000
January 112.06 54.00
February 16.00 46.00
March 24.00 03.00
April 06.00
May 39.00 42.00
June 45.00 80.00
July 140.00 116.00
August 199.00 101.00
September 78.00 100.00
October 04.00
November 09.00
December . 06.00


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  1. Fatima yaqoob said,

    I am student of MS Geology. I need average rainfall data of chakwal of year 2010 to 2014…kindly help me

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