Source of Irrigation

Chakwal is an un-irrigated, or what is called “Barani” in local language, area, and there is no canal system in the district like those, which exist in the other parts of the Punjab. However, a number of small dams have been constructed in the district, which irrigate a small acreage of cultivated land through water channels. The detail of these dams is as follows:

1.      Khokhar zer dam- this dam lies in the south of Chakwal subdivision, its capacity is 2602 A.Ft and irrigates 1200 acres. Water supplied to Chakwal city also comes from this dam.

2.      Surrlah dam-  this dam lies adjacent to Khokharzer dam; the capacity is 1555 A.Ft  and the area irrigated by it is 1800 acres.

3.      Dhurnal dam– Dhurnal dam is situated near the village of Dhurnal, subdivision Talagang; its capacity is 712 A.Ft. and it irrigates 1004 acres.

4.      Ghurab dam- located near the Pira Fathial village, this dam holds 243 A.Ft. in its reservoir and irrigates 730 acres.

5.      Wallana dam- situated at 44 KM west of Chakwal city,  its reservoir has a capacity of 1277.7 A.Ft. and irrigates 1200 acres.

6.      Nikka dam- this dam is located in Kallar Kahar sub-tehsil.  It has reservoir capacity of 1248 A.Ft. and irrigates 692 acres.

7.      Bughtal dam–   newly constructed  near the village of Bhughtal, Talagang subdivision, the dam has reservoir capacity of 675 A.Ft. and irrigates 495 acres.

8.      Dhoke Qutb Din dam- constructed near Dewalian, this dam can store 827 A.Ft. and irrigates 714 acres.

9.      Kot Raja dam-  Kot Raja dam is situated near the village of Kot Raja in Chakwal subdivision and it can hold 1344 A.Ft. and irrigates 1116 acres.

10. Pira Fathial dam-  this dam can hold 2900 A.Ft., irrigates 1366 acres and is  situated near Jhatla in subdivision Talagang.   


  1. Ali Bahadar said,

    Dhoke Tehlian Dam Not Intry…,?

  2. QASIM SHAHZAD said,

    what about ARRAR MUGHLAN dam under construction

  3. Saud said,

    what is about arrar mughlan DAM ? land owners are fed up by patwary and tehsil dar because they are not providing them their land record nor they receive any price of their land by govt still 27 november 2013.anybody can help them? there is no govt official that is going to resolve this serious matter. it seems that govt. ministers are involved in this dam for not pay to farmers.

  4. nil wan use said,

    why buchal kalan—nil wan not uses for irrigation

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