The dress that men, women and children of Chakwal district wear is very simple. Men generally wear shalwar Kumeez or Dhoti Kurta, a turban on special occasion, with  Chappals, Khusas, Sandles or moccasins. In the winter months they add a coat, sweater or a Dhussa with it. The more educated class and the city dwellers also wear shirts with trousers, adding a coat and neck tie in the winters. Young boys can be seen wearing jeens and shirts occasionally.

Women almost invariably wear Shalwar Kameez with Dopatta, and a woolen Shawal or Sweater in the winter. Sarhis or western dresses are never worn. Footwear consists of Chappals or Sandals. On occasions of festivity the Kameez and Dopatta are heavily embroidered. Ornaments of gold and silver are also worn depending on the occasion and the financial position.

Young boys wear Kameez or a shirt with Knickers and young girls wear Shalwar Kameez or Frocks.

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