The villages, towns and cities of Chakwal have evolved over time without deliberate planning depending on the need and environment suited to fulfil the ordinary requirements of living.

The old parts of Chakwal and Talagang cities, and the towns located in the rural areas consist of two or more storied houses on both sides of narrows, undulating, paved pedestrian streets, with their walls in common with other houses on three sides. The houses do not have any lawns, but internal courtyards do exist, and roof-tops are utilized for sleeping in the summer.

However, the sub-urban houses in Chakwal and Talagang, belonging to the upper and upper-middle classes of the district, are bungalows with lawns and peripheral walls. The sub-urban residential areas are more or less planned.

In villages, until recently, houses consisting of one or more rooms with a central courtyard were constructed with clay bricks, cement, iron and concrete etc… the same as city houses. Small bungalows are also being constructed by the people of villages employed abroad.


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