Superstitions and Beliefs

The people of Chakwal like all other people repose a number of superstitious ideas and beliefs.  The most common are that a person, especially young girls, can be possessed by spirits and djins, as a result of which they lose control over themselves, and that the spirits have to be summoned out of the body by pirs; that if people come across any container which is empty while they are going for some important work, they will come back in failure; that a pregnant woman must not visit a house where a dead body has been placed; that if any person dreams of a dead person taking away something from him it is bound to result in a death in the family; that if the shadow of a woman whose child has died falls on a woman whose child is suckling, the child will ultimately die; that the crossing of the path by a black cat means evil for the travellers; that if stories are narrated to children during day time, travellers will lose direction; and most importantly that pirs, however bad and evil charactered,  have the blessing of Allah. 

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