Farming is the main occupation of the people of Chakwal.  With the exception of a few large landholders in subdivision Talagang, Holdings are small in the district and farming is conventional, though new techniques and methods are being introduced by the Barani Agricultural Institute, Thoa Bahadur, Chakwal. The farmers have also begun to use fertilizer and pesticides; and capital intensive, time saving inputs like tractors and harvesters, are being used eversince their introduction in the country. 

The total area of the district is 1652443 acres, and the total cultivated area is 786212 acres.  The main crops of the district are:

Wheat, Groundnut, Oil seeds,Grams, Lentils- Masoor, Moong, Mash, Maize, Millets, Jawar,Vegetables

Fruit orchards, especially of citrus, have also been planted by farmers but only on small areas owing to shortage of water.  Fair sized Loquat orchards exist in Kallar Kahar and Choa Saidan Shah.

Agricultural activities in the district are looked after by the Department of Agriculture, Government of the Punjab, which is headed by the Deputy Director of Agriculture (Extension), who is assisted by two Extra Assistant Directors, 13 Agriculture Officers, 9 Agriculture Inspectors and 74 Field Assistants.

• Agriculture Staff Publicity of Technology
• Topography • Weather and Climate
• Soil Types • Forestry
• Rain Fall • Livestock
• Source of Irrigation • Flora and fauna

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