Sr. No. Designation Office

Deputy Commissioner, 2615/550266

Addl: Deputy Commissioner, (G) 2571

Assistant Commissioner, Chakwal 3435/3073

Assistant Commissioner, Talagang 410938

Assistant Commissioner, C.S.Shah 580224

MIC Nasr Ullah Chadhar 52614

MIC Muhammad Naeem 550374

MIC Chaudhry Abdul Ghani 2836

RM Talagang 410932

Tehsildar Chakwal PP.50523

Tehsildar Talagang 3675

Tehsildar C.S.Shah 580029

Tehsil Office Kallar Kahar 588013

Kallar Kahar Rest House 588148


  1. Dr. Faiz Minhas said,

    Dear Sir,
    I am Dr. Faiz Minhas working as Senior Consultant and Medical Director In Rehabilitation Hospital KFMC, MOH,Riyadh.I belong to village Sutwal.On 1.9.15,my son Engr.Dr.Shahab Faiz Who works as Manager In DESTO islamabad went to your courts area for geting one registery for land to be done but after completion of required documents Tahsildar sb was on sick leave.The problem for my son is to take leave .He plans to come on the 5th Sept to Chakwal butwe are not sure about the availabilty of Tehsildar.
    I would be highly obliged if his cell no is provided to me or my son. Also, Shahab,s cell no is03225042848 and mine is 00966508526590.
    Requested an urgent reply.
    Dr. Faiz Minhas,

  2. Gull Hassan said,

    Please mention the names of officers as well

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