Chakwal is a predominantly rural district with an agrarian economy. The industrial sector does exist but is relatively small and agro-based mainly comprising textile and spinning mills and some feed and flour mills.

Major Industries

The major industrial units of the district are:-

a.     Koh-e-Noor Spinning Mills

a.        Chakwal Textile Mills

b.       Koh-e-Noor Textile Mills

c.        Al-Qaim Textile Mills

d.       Al-Qadir Textile Mills

e.        Mehr Textile Mills

f.         Al-Faisal Flour Mills

g.       Rizwan Textile Mills

h.       Janjua Flour Mills

Small Industries

The Small industries sector is relatively larger and broader.  This sector comprises of a large number of brick kilns, poultry farms, hatcheries, fish farms, cattle farms, quail farms, marble factories, furniture manufacturing units, shoe manufacturing units and clay crockery manufacturing units.

Cottage industry

Like most of the other rural districts of the Punjab, the cottage industry is fairly large, traditional and under developed.  The concerns in this sector mainly comprise of embroidery, stitching, khussa making, wood work, clay utensils, clay toys, dyeing, metal works, silver and gold ornaments, and fireworks.

Trade and Trade Centres

           Since Chakwal is an agricultural district with a very small manufacturing sector and does not lie on any main trading route, its trading sector remains limited only to sustain the needs of its own population. |A very small percentage are employed in the manufacturing and trading sectors. The trading sector of Chakwal comprises wholesale dealers and retail shopkeepers in articles of daily use and consumer goods like food grains, general merchandise, cloth, articles of clothing and footwear, utensils, leather goods, fruits and vegetables, and machinery etc.

           Since trade in Chakwal, with the exception of the trade in groundnut, for which Talagang is the largest centre in the province, is carried out at a small scale, no important trade centre exists in the district. Nevertheless Chakwal city and Talagang city shopkeepers and the common consumers of the rural areas come to make purchases.

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