Geographically placed in the Salt Range and the Potohar plateau, the physical features of Chakwal are typical of the region. The south and southeast is mountainous and rocky, covered with scrub forest, interspaced with flat lying plains; the north and northeast consist of softly undulating plains, with patches of rocky areas, known as Khuddhar in the local dialect, ravines and gorges, and some desert areas.

Chakwal is mainly a Barani area.  There are no irrigation canals or rivers.  The only major rivulets and seasonal channels that run through Chakwal are the Soan, and the Soj Nullah. A number of small dams have been constructed in the district through which some irrigation takes place.  There are some storm water channels, which are mostly active during rainy season.

The plains of the district are being cultivated, even those which lie in the hilly regions, and a considerable area is covered by forests.  

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